10 Common Dream Meaning And Their Importance

We all dream from time to time although we remember it or not. Dreaming is still an unknown event till this day, we have philosophers and scientist still trying to find out why we dream and the significance about it. Some say dreams are ways that your conciseness is trying to tell or show you something that you can’t see or feel in the physical world. Many culture believe that dreams are entry to different realms within us, although dreams can be scary sometimes we all went through it. If you’re looking for your dream meaning, here is the top 10 common dreams and their meaning.

1.Being Chased


Dreaming about being chased is one of the most common experience. Being chased in dreams indicate that we may not want to face something but it needs our attention.

2. Classroom or school


its common to have a dream where people find themselves taking a test that they aren’t prepared for. This shows that the test indicates that we need to learn from our past and move on.




Although death can represents negative engery in life, however its more directly related to massive change happening for the dreamer which presents the end of one thing to make room for something new.




Flying in dreams is really common, it all depends of how much control or the height we’re flying at. This tells us weather we are confident and able to achieve our goals.  Flying high and in control represents that we are confident about ours lives, playing low without control presents that our lives needs adjustments.

5. Falling


We all had dreams about falling in an endless loop, which may be somewhat scary. Falling in dreams is another common experience, the meaning of this depends on how you are falling. Slow falling indicates the act of letting go, falling fast represents something is waking in our life that feels out of control.


6. Naked


Dreaming about being naked often represents un-confidence or psychological exposure, dreaming about being naked helps us to understand.


7. Missing Teeth/Falling Teeth.


Dreaming about our teeth falling our or just hurting is an common experience. This dream represents that we are afraid of being found unattractive, it also represents at a deeper level that a fear of embarrassment or a loss of power in real life.


8. Lost or trapped


Dreaming about being lost is very common, it will occur if you are having conflict in deciding how to react in a situation in life. You often find yourself lost in a forest or a endless road and feeling of being trapped.


9. Missed Bus, Planes, or boats


Often occurred as missing a bus or any transportation of any sort, this represents that we are late for something important or somewhere we need to be. This often represents that we missed out of an important event in real life.


10. Failing a test


This often manifest people who have been out of school for a long time. This represents in someway that we are being tested with our feelings in real life.

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