10 Terrifying Poltergeist Caught On Tape

If you seen the latest horror movie “The Poltergeist” it can be somewhat scary. Imagine poltergeist happens in real life what would you do? You’re alone at home and all of the sudden things start to move on its own destroying what ever on its way, it must be the most terrifying thing that can happen. ¬†Here are 10 terrifying ¬†poltergeist caught on tape, you be the judge.

1.Destroying Kitchen

“Poltergeist activity caught on tape: It’s been a while since I caught any decent poltergeist activity. The west end of the house still seems to have the most paranormal activity. Some of the poltergeists actions seem quite human, but others just seem random and destructive, and the Ouija Board has been no help in communicating with the poltergeist / demon.” – Mellowb1rd youtube

2. Attacks women in hotel

Women was attacked by some engery, flipping chairs and tables to keep her from leaving.

3.Office Building being attacked

“During the early hours of 1st November 2012, security staff monitoring CCTV at an office in Castlefield House on Liverpool Road, Manchester, witnessed a harrowing chain of events. This is the actual footage seen by those security guards as they flicked from camera to camera” – Southport TV

4. Attack customer at a shop

“Believed to have been filmed at a Whitstable Nutrition Centre in Kent, the video shows CCTV footage of a man browsing the aisles when a box of teabags on the shelf behind him begins to move on its own before hovering in the air for several seconds. The voices behind the camera suggest that a staff member is showing the video to a female friend who seems genuinely impressed by what she’s seeing.” – nightghosthouse

5. Scaring customers at a shop

Two ladies were shopping and saw items suddenly falls in their way, scaring them.

6. Violent attack in the kitchen

“Poltergeist activity caught on tape in kitchen. Ghost on video: Finally, I had a camera in the right place at the right time. This poltergeist activity has been occurring for a while now, but I wasn’t expecting to see this much activity caught on video all at once. I put “ghost caught on tape” in the title because I really don’t know if a poltergeist is a type of ghost or not. I guess no-one does. It could be some natural phenomenon for all I know, but the titles of all these Youtube videos are getting silly now. Especially the real ghost videos. Can people please stop asking if I’ve used a Ouija Board. Yes, I have used a Ouija board; No this is not the demon Zozo” – Mellowb1rd

7. Home alone cup falls

A man challenge a ghost to do something to show a sign, a cup falls from a table which scared the man.

8. Chair stacked

“Poltergeist Activity caught on tape…AGAIN. So, this happened earlier today. I missed the initial activity but only by minutes. I decided to fill in the hope of catching even a little paranormal activity or an EVP. Fortunately, the poltergeist wasn’t finished. Maybe it’s time to get out the Ouija Board again in time for Halloween. As always, I’ll keep y’all posted on any and all supernatural activity and scary stuff that goes down. Unless I get possessed by the evil Ouija demon Zozo and go on a killing spree.” – Mellowb1rd

9. Flipping Chair

A chair caught on camera flipping over on its own and also flipping the camera.

10. In The Attic

A man found his pets scared of something and hiding under the bed, a loud sound is heard from the attic.

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