6 Genius World Records Attempt Fails Caught On Camera!

We have seen a lot of successful Genius World Records, have you ever wonder what would it be like to fail those world records on live television? Check out these 6 fail attempt to break the genius world records!

1.Watermelon Smashing

This guy tries to break as many watermelon with his head! he must have gotten a headache when his done!

2. Jumping Through Glass

Tries to jump through as many glass to break the record, ends up almost knocking him self out at the first glass.

3. Coconut Breaking

Guy tires to break as much coconut with his hands, and it looked like it hurts.

4. Most Liquid retained on roller-coaster

A Lady tries to break a world record retaining the water in the cups while on the roller coaster, it already sounded like a bad idea already!

4. Human Tower

China tries to break the record for the tallest human.

5. Block on block.

Reporter interviews the world record breaker until he did something that will ruin his chances

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