6 Interesting Cases Of Time Traveling

The number one question in the world is probably “is time travel possible?” For many years time travel has been a myth, maybe until today. There are 6 interesting cases of time travel proof.

1. John Titor

A man claimed to be a solider from the year 2036 who traveled back in time to 1975 to get a IBM computer to destroy a virus that took over the world. Titor stopped in the year 2000s, and posted about his journey on time travel on a online forum which caught a lot of attention. Titor posted many topics about time travel and how it worked, also showing his time machine. Titor last words was “Make sure you bring a gas can if your car gets stuck on the side of the road” before he disappeared forever.

2. Man from “Taured”?

A man entered a airport in Japan with euro currency, everything was normal until they checked his passport from the country “Taured”. The man looked confused as he states Taured is a real country, he even wanted to show it to them on the map but it wasn’t there. His passport did have previous stamps from other countries although they never heard of the country “Taured”. The man was bought in for question but later he disappeared forever without any notice although there were two guards.  Could this man be traveling through time but accidentally entered another alternate timeline?


3. The Philadelphia Experiment

Al bielek was involved in a secret government experiment with his father. When Al bielek was a child he and his father jumped of a ship and traveled to the year 2136, where he spent sometime there to recover from radiation burns. Al Bielek then traveled to the year 2749 where he spent 2 years there as a tour guide.

4. Pegasus Project

Andrew D. Basiago was involved in this project when he was a child. Basiago was sent back in time in a slightly different alternate past where Abraham Lincoln was, there is also a photographic proof of him in the 1880s (shown in the video). He also states that he traveled to mars with the president.

5. Man travels into the future and takes a selfie with his future self.

A man travels into the future by going under his kitchen sink and apparently got sucked into a time traveling portal. When he got up he realized he was in the future seeing his future self in front of him. He decided to snap a selfie of him and his future self, could be he a hoax?

6. Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci  literally had knowledge a head of his time, its almost like sending an modern scientist back in time. Leonardo knew information that took centuries for humans to know. Not to say he was a painter, philosopher, inventor, geologist, architect, cartographer, anatomist, and a mathematician. Isn’t that the ultimate dream? travel back in time and become everything putting you in the books.

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