Amazing Pictures of The Super Blood Moon Around The World 2015

On September 27/28th, in certain parts of the planet some people were lucky enough to see the amazing super blood moon and the lunar eclipse.

The Super Blood Moon Lunar eclipse is described as the Moon is 14% larger and 30% brighter which indicates that the moon is really close to earth while orbiting. During the super moon you were able to see the redness, which is the sun reflecting the light on earth showing the red/orange glow.

If you missed a chance to see the Super Blood Moon, the next event will occur in 2033!, and the last time the super blood moon appeared was 1980s, it is a beautiful thing to see this event and how mysterious space is itself.

Hundreds of people were setting up their cameras and telescopes around the world the view this incredible event, here are some of the results that were posted on the internet from around the world! If you were not able to see the super blood moon don’t worry there are a lot of images below.
Photo by (Jordan Mansfield/Getty)
St Mary’s Lighthouse Whitley Bay, North Tyneside (North News & Pictures).
blood moon in Las Vegas
London’s skyline
Glastonbury Tor


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