Cops Pull Guns On Couple Driving to Hospital to Give Birth

“Hebron, IN – Recently released Dashcam footage captured the horrifying moment two police officers drew their guns on a husband and wife after pulling them over while they were rushing to the hospital to give birth.
James Reiner was driving his wife Dana to the hospital after her water broke in January 2012 in Hebron, Indiana when they passed a police car that suddenly turned on its lights and pulled them over, despite the fact that they were not speeding.

That is when James got out to tell Sgt. Anthony Dandurand that his wife was pregnant and they needed to get to the hospital. He responded by cuffing the man on the ground while another officer, Travis Thomas, held a gun on James.

Dana then tried to show the men that her waters had indeed broken – and they pointed a gun directly at her belly and yelled at her to ‘get back in the fu**ing car.’

Dana was eventually picked up at the scene by an ambulance and taken to the hospital where she gave birth just minutes later according to an interview she did with The Times of Northwest Indiana.

The doctor had to pause her delivery twice in that brief time to unwrap Dana’s daughter’s umbilical cord, later saying that had she given birth on the side of the road the child would have died.

In the end, Dana gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Abigail.

James was not there however, because despite the fact that Dana proved she was pregnant and in labor, police still took him to jail and booked him, forcing him to spend the night and miss his daughter’s birth.

‘That’s a moment you are never going to get back. There’s no redoing it,’ said Dana.

‘When I think about the fact that James, who is a wonderful man, was deprived of that – it makes me sad. And it makes me sad that Abby missed out on that, too. They missed out on that very first, that bond.'” – Sources Liveleak Youtube channel

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