Top 7 People On Drugs Caught On Tape FUNNY!

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1 .Holy Shit! What the fuck is she taking about? I got lost from the beginning.

2. This guy is either drunk or on some hard drugs! watch what happens when he tries to play a electric guitar with a broom.

Jimi Hendrix
Posted by La Fabbrica Del Degrado on Thursday, June 25, 2015

3. This Women stumbles everywhere and she can’t even get up to walk! watch what happens! When the drugs hit in she turns into a worm

4.This guy looks like he can’t even get up with 3 guys helping him! I guess you better join the lady above!

5. Didn’t your mom tell you not to do PCP?

6.The drug hits you hard and you start fucking the stairs.

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7. When the drugs hits you and you turn into a ninja

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