How to add google adsense to your WordPress 2015/2016

Do you want to make a few dollars online on your website/wordpress? Google Adsense will pay you per click you get on your website! this feature can be installed in wordpress.


Before getting started you will need an google adsense account, you can register your account here (you must have an google account). The registration process will take a few days for google to review your account.

Once you’re approved for google adsense click the “my ads” tab and then click “New add unit” this will allow to create an advertisement



Fill out the information required, you may name the advertisement anything you wish it will not impact anything. The ad size is completely up to you, pick the size that will fit on your wordpress or website. The ad type should be on “text and display ads” (meaning that pictures and text advertisement will be displayed on your ad). You can also customize your text style and color under the “text ad style” Once you’re finished filling out the information click “save and get code”


Once you get to the page like this (image below) this step is easy just copy the text in the box



Now you have a google adsence ad, lets make some money by pasting that code to a side widget which will be viewed on every page. Log on your wordpress admin page and add a widget (appearence > customize> widgets) Under the Sidebar heading click “Add a widget”, you will want to add a “text” widget





Once you’ve added the text widget copy and paste the code in to the box, the title can be anything you wish.


Once you’ve added the widget , your wordpress blog should look something like this with the ads.

Here is a video guide!

Visit for more


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