How to advertise online, easy steps!

Do you have a product or a website that you want to advertise online? you came to the right place I will show you how to generate customers and user to your site. You may be doing this to boost your rank on Google searches or promote a product, the reasons are endless. To gain more customers or views requires you to buy advertisements to increase traffic, in this guide ill show you how to do that but all for free!

Before we start lets understand how Google works, first your website or product will most likely be found on Google search. In order to put your product on google you will need other links that links to your website called back links. For example Google searches your keyword and puts the popular websites on top, lets say CNN posted a link of your website resulting in your website link appearing on google because your link is on one of the popular sites CNN which google search picks up. Google search works by scanning all the pages for keywords that have been searched, google will not show all of the site because some have lack of content. So you ask how am I going to get CNN to give me a shout out? you don’t, there are a lot of other site that are popular that you can post your link in such as;,,,, and other social networking site. The goal here is to have other websites (a well developed one) contain your product or link, this will rank up your google search. The best way is to join a online forum that discuss the topic of your goal and post your links there, because users that visit that forum will most likely click on your link since its related. If you even want to boost in google rank faster you can like or share every-post on your blog on all social media. The reason why you want to rank up in google searches to the top so that you will generate more clicks, most users click the first link on google when they search. In my next post I’ll show you some tricks I have up my sleeve to dominate the google search with keywords.


  • Jascon Freak

    oh so all I need to do is it post my links on bigger site? this will boost my traffic a lot thanks!

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