Interesting Facts : Paper Airplane


  • The origin of folded paper plane came from ancient china (500BC)
  • Became popular all over the world approximately  460 – 390 BC
  • The practice of constructing paper planes is referred to as Aerogami after Origami (Japanese art of paper folding)
  • The Wright Brothers used paper models to design the first airplane.
  • Without Aerogami, traveling by air might not exist today
  • In 1909 Lockheed Corporation used paper airplane concept to build aircraft. (Aircraft Manufacturing Company)

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World Record

  • Broken by John Collins
  • Flew 69.14 Meters
  • February  26, 2012


How to Construct a paper plane

1. Fold a sheet of paper in half (hot dog), and reopen it so you have a crease.


2.Fold each corner in towards the center, line it up with the crease.

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3.The bottom edge of the corners that you just folded down should create a straight line across the page. Fold down at this line


4. Fold the corners down again, but this time only the corners should meet in the middle.

5. Where the corners of the last folds meet, you will see the point of the bottom. Fold it up and over the two corners.


6. Turn the paper over onto the other side and fold it in half.


7. Fold the first wing so that the outside edge runs parallel to the body.


8. Fold the second wing exactly as you did the first.

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