Is Our Planet Earth Flat?

Is the earth flat? people still argue till this day with conspiracy theory on how the earth is flat. Many conspiracy theory involves NASA and how they provide us with false information and altered images. In the 1880s people thought the earth was flat even Columbus believed it, until a Greek philosopher Pythagoras proof in his writings that the earth was indeed round. Although you can find a book that contains 400 pages in which it propose that the earth is flat, many people will believe that its round. Some schools teach their students that the earth is flat opposing to round. It’s really old how The United Nation (U.N) contains a flat earth as their logo? even though the UN represents planet earth, are they trying to tell us something?.

If you try to search for images of planet earth over the internet you will only find one picture from the Apollo mission which is more than 40 years old. All of the images you see on the internet are computer generated with minor alterations. If NASA claims that they have hundreds or even thousands of satellite in space and around the earth why isn’t there more than one image of the earth? there should be hundreds of clear unaltered images. Is NASA trying to hide something from us? many people have proof that NASA never went to the moon or even outer space itself.
image: www.lpi.usra.ed

This image of earth was from the Apollo mission, you probably seen this images everywhere and not even notice, this image is the only image that NASA took of the planet earth and its 40 years old. The Apollo mission image of the earth is used everywhere as a representation of earth in schools, sci-fi movies, poster, and more.

All models of the globe are always different and not accurate, don’t companies want to make more accurate model of the earth to maximize profit? The reason why companies can’t make the most accurate¬†models because of the information that is provided. Many conspiracy theorist calculate the distance of land and it does not add up with the “round” planet. Some say that the earth is flat with more land out in the distance of Antarctica, and its odd how planes can’t fly through there but are forced to go around. And apparently GPS in the south pole can’t be detected? didn’t NASA claim that they have satellite around earth? The video below shows proof that NASA is a hoax and how they faked everything. I am not tell you the earth is flat or round I am providing information and its up to you to decide from there.


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