May And Hammond Declined Top Gear And Starts New Show

A source states that the three top gear host and the producer are close friends, and signing a big money contract wouldn’t make them return to top gear on Netflix without Jeremy Clarkson.

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It’s been rumored that Richard Hammond and James May are to decline a 4 million dollars offer to return to Top Gear but instead launch their new TV Show with Clarkson.

Fans of Top Gear are exited to see Hammond and May reunite with Clarkson on the new show, instead of seeing them going their own ways. Although It’s a rumor, BBC states that they never offered May and Hammond a 9.1 million dollars deal for top gear but closer to 4 million dollars.

Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by BBC Over ‘Fracas’, Top Gear have made millions of pounds. Here is a video of a discussion about the Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson on Sky News.


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