Police Called To A Beard Club Meeting Mistaken To Be ISIS


A male bearded club called the “Bearded Villains” had a meet up for a photo shoot in Braehus, when passerby notice that they were holding up a flag that appeared to look like ISIS’s flag.

They reported to the police that there maybe an ISIS meet up, but when the police arrived they were expecting a threat but instead was surround by bearded men showing off their breads and laughing.

Speaking to the Independent, Andreas Fransson, a Bearded Villains member, said:

“After about an hour the police showed up. They told us they got a call from someone driving past on the highway, saying that there were ISIS terrorists at the ruins. The police saw of course that we weren’t terrorists, just very happy and nice bearded gentlemen. We had a laugh with the police and they left. It was a surreal experience.”

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