Proof And Signs of Depopulation, Time To Wake Up

In today’s modern society the government hide a lot of things from us global citizens, only the higher power are aware of these hidden secrets. Come on, everyone has secrets, this doesn’t mean that the government doesn’t have any. Population control is in their agenda for many years, look around at our planet its overpopulating, this will cause pollution, limited sources of food, and we’re destroying wild life for us human selfish needs like houses, building, golf course, and much more. Lets face it, we are our own enemy to this planet, influenced by the evil of the economy we ignore what is really important on the consciousness level .

Most of the people who live on earth are brainwashed and controlled by the government, telling them what to do and what not to do without any questions.The government build a false trust between its citizens which look hundreds of years to build. There are a lot of things that the government are doing to keep you and I in control without any notice, because their “propaganda” and brain washing techniques are so powerful that it doesn’t make you realize on the consciousness level. They control people by machines and techniques that us humans are not capable to comprehend or its out of our understanding limits. One of the ways that the government controls us its by brain frequency, these frequency kills your consciousness making you a living shell that is controlled.

As you know it or not population control is happening right now without you even noticing, its not like the government is going to eliminate billions of people at a small amount of time that will cause questioning from people which will make them go against the government, and they don’t want that to happen, its probably their number one fear of loosing control. Pollution control is happening slowly as possible to keep it under your nose until you see the change.

If you look around cancer and disease are some ways to eliminate population without any questioning because people think its “natural”. Natural disaster, Plane crashes, shootings, and wars are few ways to eliminate population. Why do you think all of these disease came out of nowhere and killed millions of people? The Government is so powerful they can do what ever they wish. If the government really cares about humans and want us humans to live long they would ban anything that causes bad health or even death like smoking, fast food, and dangerous drugs. The higher power made this thing called “money” which controls and limits things you can do or know in this life and its working if you look around. Instead of thinking of “The Economy”(supporting the higher power) before health there would be less health related death, which shows what they are doing to humans secretly. Human are given rights to feel like were “free”, but in reality we’re not free in many levels. There are MANY ways to eliminate population, the government probably have millions of ways to eliminate population which is why its really hard to notice.

7 million premature deaths every year because of air pollution, people getting lung cancer although they never smoked in their life, because of air pollution. The government won’t do anything about the pollution, although it killed millions every year, Ding Ding.  The higher power are taking small steps under your nose until you realized it actually happens, in the future you will see more diseases related deaths, or any huge event that will kill hundreds of people. Come on lets face it, the government are the one who is making the pollution worst which results in killing millions every year!

“Noncommunicable diseases were responsible for 68% of all deaths globally in 2012, up from 60% in 2000. The 4 main NCDs are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. Communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutrition conditions collectively were responsible for 23% of global deaths, and injuries caused 9% of all deaths.” –

Look around, the government is so powerful they can make citizens do the killing them for them, everything you know and see its because the government programmed it into your brain. Whats the best way to lie to someone is to make them believe the impossible and disbelieve the possible. Anything that supports money also supports the government which is why it really hard to go against them.

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