Role Of Indigo Child/Adult And Their Main Purpose On Earth.

Who and What are Indigo People (Crystal / Starseed people)

These human beings are more evolved than us modern human beings, they have a traits that most people do not possess. These humans are so called “Indigo child, crystal, or starseed”. Indigo people are really special because they have unexplained knowledge of this reality we lived in and other realities, these people are future beings who are sent here to earth to rebuilt society where it should have been. The true meaning of life is energy, frequency, vibrations, and most importantly love. Indigo child are here to teach us about the world and provide peace and kindness. Most humans do not know the true meaning of life but instead they live and die to work for this artificial life goal called “money” created by a higher being who is preventing us finding the truth.

Here are some traits of Indigo Child.

  1. Strong independent thinkers who prefer to do things on their own.
  2. Have wisdom and level of caring beyond their years
  3. Traditional parenting and discipline don’t work or fear these people.
  4. Indigo are vibrating at a much higher frequency so they can get scrabbled by negative energy
  5. May have temper or depression problems if energy is not balance.
  6. Don’t take authority from anyone
  7. Don’t want to follow society norms
  8. Creative thinkers
  9. Higher knowledge of this reality and other realities
  10. Often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  11. Know things that are unexplained

How Can Indigo/Starseed/Crystal People Change The World?

If you are not an indigo child its hard to understand the true meaning of life because all your life you’ve been controlled to  not even think about it. The reason why indigo people are more evolved because they live in a higher frequency, their  brain work with a higher vibration frequency.  Let me explain how they can change the world, but first you will need to  understand why you live the life you are and why you do not question why money is the main factor in life.  After few  millions years of human evolution our society could of have anything, the society of peace and kindness is the main goal of a  true inner self human, but it took a turn somewhere in the time line where money was invented to control this society by a  higher being who do not want us to know who we really are. The human conciseness is a really powerful tool to use to  understand the world, there are tools that can access different worlds but these are ban like D.M.T or Ayahuasca theses  tools are consider Class 1 Drug, this shows that they do not want you to know what the drug really does but the  government brain wash you by saying its illegal and dangerous. And money creates jobs and other time consuming factor  which keeps us distracted by the real purpose in this human life experience. Money was purposely place in this world as a barrier so it can limit things in your life like higher knowledge, but instead created an artificial purpose so that money is the main purpose in life, instead of finding who we really are.

The reason why everyone is controlled and have the same artificial goal in life which is money because of “Law Of Attraction” which proofs that if majority of people are doing the same, most likely you are going to do the same thing with no question asked. For example you enter an elevator and everyone is facing  right and you’ll probably face the right and not question why, same with money you were born into this world and money was already there but you do not question why money was a goal, why can’t we just return favors instead of using money but  now we came a long way and look how far money got. “Law of attraction” is one of the main barrier in changing this world into a better society, that’s why indigo child have a purpose here, their brains operates at different frequency which can access higher knowledge and beat the “Law of attraction” which explains why they have problems fitting in to society and obeying authority. These indigo people are here to change the world with more evolved humans where society is not based of money but peace, kindness, cooperation, higher knowledge after life on earth and caring for the environment. That is what a true human beings goal are but instead “law of attraction” is keeping all humans living under control.  You die and live for this thing called “money” an artificial purpose in life created by a higher being. Have you heard of a saying ” someday robots will take over the world”? well this is happening now but with money and its so powerful that it doesn’t make you question or realize it.


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