Salvia Plant, Takes you Into Anther Dimension? My experience.

“Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with nearly 1000 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. Within the Lamiaceae, Salvia is part of the tribe Mentheae within the subfamily Nepetoideae” –Wiki

As you may see, there are many videos over youtube and the internet of teenagers trying saliva and it looks like hell! is it safe? yes its safe but the question is if the user willing to try it. Salvia have been used for thousands of years for spirual journey and mediation. Remember saliva is not a party drug, saliva helps you meditate and exploration of differnt dimensions. The reason why most people panic or have a bad trip is that they are not prepared to enter another world different form ours, the “3rd dimension” is where we live and we can’t comprehend entering another.

There are many different strength of saliva such as 5x,40x, all the way to 500x, if you are a first time user it is recommended to start off a weak strength such as 10 x. What to expect on saliva and the trip? hallucination will be seen as you can’t move your body or speak, “elf Machines” may be seen or moving patterns like a Persian rug. Remember if you want to take salvia make sure you prepare your self by doing research and MAKE SURE you have someone there to help you out during the intense moment of the journey. The duration of salvia can vary between 5 to 15 mins.

Here are some popular salvia expeience caught on video

My Experience

I’ve tried Salvia about 5 times. The first time I took saliva I smoked 10x out of my bong, I was with 6 of my friends and it was a bad idea what we all did it at once with no one to watch over us. When it was my turn to take a hit everyone was laughing, so I took the bong and smoked it and held it in as long as I can, as I exhaled I feel the effects instantly as everything I see started to melt and patterns appeared, my speech turned into slur as I laid down and not able to move my body.  After a moment when I started to come back I’ve lost sense of what happen, what I did, and I didn’t recognize any of my friends for about 1 min, the trip lasted about 7 mins. The first time wasn’t the most intense as I enjoyed it while all of my friends were having trouble talking as we all laid on the floor lifelessly. The most intense time and the last time I smoked Salvia was 100x which showed me a whole different world.  I was alone in my room (not recommended) I took one hit out of my pipe, I didn’t see anything expect a portal looking door in front of me I looked around and everything was normal expect this portal. I decided to take one more good hit and then it happen. I fell on my bed and it felt like I was melted into another world, seeing this world and the other world, it felt like someone was grabbing my legs and diffusing my physical body into another as my face felt like it was shredding. Then I started to see circle patterns spinning as it felt like forever at this time I do not remember if my eyes were open or closed, then a feeling occurred which sounded like a voice saying “You’ve Smoked Salvia you’re coming with me” and they that someone grabbed me into the spinning circle, at this point I started to come back and I felt this voice saying “NO!, Come back”. I remember hearing myself saying “I’ll come back, don’t worry” at the point that I came back I was too scared to smoke it again. After this last Journey I had it changed my ways of looking at this world we lived in.  That was my little personal experience.

Here are some of the things I saw during the trip, these images are the closest thing that presented what I’ve seen.

Here is a short video that goes in-dept on the effect on  salvia and other useful information and facts.

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