Signs We Are Living In a Controlled World.

The world we lived in today is fully controlled by a higher being or government! Think about it money involves almost everything in this world, and money was not created by you but someone who is running this world. The world we live in is controlled to the max because anything money supports also supports this controlled world. This is why it’s really hard for this generation of humans to let go and start a new revolution where there is a world with no money as a goal in life. The Theory of Law of Attract which will be explain proofs that higher begins or government are mind controlling us mentaly and you do not even notice it.
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You were born into this world and not question why we have to use money.  To have a mind that is aware of this controlled world, clear your mind and pretend your point of view of this world is new from a baby respective , you will start questioning things about this world.  Well here is the list I’ve created myself on how I think the world is controlled. The list can be true or false as I made it all up in my head, please don’t take my words but use it to expand your knowledge that all humans need to know about the world we lived in.

1. Time is Money

The world is run and govern by a clock. People say time is money which really means we are controlled by time and money, think about it. More than half of the population work for the hour which is not worth living a life in my point of view. Working from 9 to 5 is slaving your life away because who ever is controlling this world wants you to waste more time in life, so you can move on to the next life not knowing how important and powerful the human experience is.

2. Controlling Society (Law Of Attraction)

Human appeared on earth 6-8 millions of years ago. After about 8 million years of human evolution our human society could have been anything, like a world of peace and kindness. But the world of peace and kindness did not happen yet in this era which ended up in the world of greed, money, and controlled minds. In the 21 century people are now waking up and realizing how the government or other higher beings are controlling humans. “We are told what to do but not why” this is the key sentence that I’ve created that represents the world we live in.  The best way to control this world is to keep daily routines and familiarity, which explains why from Monday to Friday for most humans they have the same routines.

The crazy thing is that they do not ask why they’re doing the same routines, but instead they just go with it like they’re already controlled. The tool that these “beings” are using to control humans are really powerful and ways that you have never image or even knew it existed. One of the technique they use is a form of mind control called “Law of Attraction” which identifies that you will do the same if everyone is doing it. The theory behind “Law of Attraction” shows how powerful it can be used to control the human mind so everyone is doing the same thing. Look how far the “law of attraction” came, it controlled people to work for money from 9-5 instead of making their own company and make more. And follow society norms that were made up by someone despite that humans were on earth longer and could of have done anything, but followed the norms because majority of people were doing it, “Law of attraction”. And Law of attraction also made humans to agree to use money as a currency in this world which led to greed and evil on earth.  As you can see the “Law of attraction” is one of the powerful mind control tool that they use. The “Law of attractions” is keeping society in order if you want proof just look around you its everywhere, even you are affected by it and may not even know.

3. Distractions and Attraction (Jobs, Hobbies, and Time Consuming Factors)

Jobs, hobbies, and career are distractions to humans which consume time and prevents them from asking question like “who we really are?”, “who really runs the world?”, “are there other life forms out there?”.  Jobs and other things that consume time keeps people in controlled and prevents questions being ask against them. Time is a key factor in this world as the average human only lives 80 years to complete their journey and learn how to love . Jobs and other time consuming factors keeps your mind off thinking why we are doing this but instead we just do it with no questions asked. It keeps the mind on their jobs or hobbies which may have other emotional factors leading to the brain cooping with the certain situation and ignores the important question “why do we have to work for money?” , “why money was made?”, “Why do we all agree to use money?”, or  “who are we really?”

Money works by everyone agreeing that a piece of paper or a digital number represents a value. The reason why we all use money because of a theory called “Law of attraction” which explains that humans copy someone if the majority of people are doing the same thing. For example, if you stand in an elevator and everyone in there was facing right, you will probably wonder why but you face the right anyways because majority of the people are doing it.  The “Law of attractions” is keeping us humans in full controlled and not allow us to express who we really are but instead of doing something because majority of people are doing.  One day this barrier will be broken by more transform human beings in the future by rising the frequency and vibrations of the brain to use parts we present human have never access before. When this day comes probably in a few thousands of years the world of piece and kindness may not be far away. Some people call these humans Indigo child, Crystal child, or Starseed, these human have a trait that most human do not have which are higher knowledge of this world and other worlds, they have a purpose on this planet.

4.  Money controls people (The Power Of Money)

People think money is placed in this world to purchase needs and wants,  that is not the case! Money is put in this world to act like a barrier to prevent humans from doing great things in life but instead work for the money. Here is a test that proofs humans are controlled by money. So the question is “If your boss gave you a $50.00 rise but you have to be his bitch, would you do it?, if someone offer you one million dollars to commit a simple crime, would you do it? The answer is probably going to be a “yes”. After few million years of evolution, human race could have not used money as an attraction but instead return favors. But after the long way of evolution we ended up with money which was tested for thousands of years to proof that money worked as a barrier in life before getting this far. And that’s why 90% of the earth use money as currency to buy things because it works. If the person is wealthy they have a head start of finding the true meaning of life or continue with their business in this controlled world. Money came from a long way since the day it was invented and now look how far and powerful money can do and be.

Money is so powerful that it can result in life and death, the same reason why debt  was created so there was a purpose in life creating an artificial goal for you by the controller instead of pursuing the main purpose and distracts you away from he most important things in life. Why do you think most people are in debt? because of “law of attraction” which was explained earlier. You’ll be thinking if all these people are in debt ill just learn from their mistake and avoid it, law of attraction is too powerful to overcome and that’s why people who are in debt are increasing heavily every year, only the lucky and smart ones are not in debt.

5.  School System.

School systems is the best way to format information to the brain because a young mind will grow but always keep the format that has been put in their brain at a young age and a new soul to this world. School system prepares you to fit in this controlled society so after you graduate you will become controlled by society by working or continue your education.  School teaches what they want you to know, not what you need to know. If you continue your education and receive a degree you will work for a company which will make them richer resulting in the support of this controlled world. Anything that supports money also supports this controlled world, that’s why its really hard for us to let go and start a new human era.


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