Sleep paralysis, body frozen while awake seeing entities.

Have you ever waken up one day and you can’t seem to move your whole body or screem? this event is called sleep paralysis which is really common, everyone experience this at least once in their life time. Sleep paralysis phenomenon occurs resulting in the brain being awake and the body sleeping.

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but the body is unable to move. This happens when a person is experiencing the stages of sleep and wakefulness. During this stage you may not be able to move or even speak for a few seconds or even minutes.

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Over the centuries many cultures describes this phenomenon as a “evil” presence. Many culture and believes have stories of sleep paralysis date back many centuries ago, could this be the dead or entities from another dimension communicating with us? Many people describe this event as an unknown burred entity standing by their bed side or on top of them, during this event your chest may feel heavy and the entities maybe on top of it.

sleep paralysis usually occurs in your teen years and more as you age. The cause of this event are, lack of sleep or schedule change. Many people see ghost or even alien abduction when the phenomenon is occurring, strange sounds or voices maybe heard during this event.

There are many debates that the entities and the things you see are real, although there is no scientific evidence. Sleep paralysis is one of the scariest and terrifying thing that you can experience. Don’t worry if this phenomenon occurs do not panic as the entities are not real, close your eyes until your body wakes up.

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