Top 10 Funny/Fail/Win Videos # 1

Enjoy these top 10 funny/fail/win videos of this week that I’ve found through out the internet!


1) The Sheep is pissing off the reporter!

watch what happen when this new reporter takes this sheep for a walk.

2) Fart in court

bored in court? try farting and see what happens.

3) What are you doing officer?

Officer what are you doing? how did you even get there?

4) Too drunk to walk?

to drunk walk?

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5) Too far

Almost made it…

6) Wipe out?

I’m gonna wipe out…….then

7) Husky too high

Woah I see colors

8) Karma

Trying to grab his phone.. then….

9) Drunk kick

too drunk but if she can do it I can do it

10) Don’t mess with the Guard

Step away from the queens guard!
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