Top 5 Funny Japanese Game Shows!

Here are my list of the top funny Japanese game show segments!
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#5  Missing Floors.

This segment involves a quiz, each question you answer wrong you will be dropped to your doom!

#4 Human Tetris.

Contestants are given a supersize human tetris shaped block that is accelerated towards them, think fast and try to make your way through the block!

#3 Silent Library.

Group of friends are in a library, each card is a challenge that is suppose to make you scream. Each round you have to be silent.

#2 Fart Challenge .

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Contestants are inserted oxygen into your asshole! each round the contestant trys not to fart making funny faces.

#1  Marshmallow .

Contestants try to make their way to the marshmallow while their face is forced back by elastic bands.

(Bonus) Do not laugh! English Test.

A video is shown to a class of a funny Japanese man struggling to speak English. If a laughter is heard the students will be punished by a hard spank.

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