What Human Butt Style Are You?

Interesting article that I’ve Found on Memes.com check out what butt style are you?

The “H”
“According to Better Butt Challenge, this shape is the result of “either higher, more prominent hip bones, or a distribution of fat in the ‘love handle’ area.” So your H wagon may not be the curviest butt style, but we think it’s beautiful. Be proud of that block of butt you’ve got.” – Memes


The “O”
“This round-ass ass is characterized by “fat distribution around the cheeks of the butt – including the upper portion of the cheeks,” according to Better Butt Challenge. Perky and round, O tushies make people smile like it’s a sunny day.” – Memes


The “V”
“Here’s that classic V butt. You’ll recognize it for its “inverted shape where the base of the butt is less full than the top of the butt.” Better Butt Challenge purports that, “unfortunately,” V butts are prone to sagging. We think the folks at BBC should stop laying down judgement on what’s fortunate or unfortunate re: butt styles. V butts and mom jeans is a more timeless pairing than chocolate and peanut butter. If you love flat butts, put your hands up for them V’s!”  – Memes


The “A”

“Better Butt Challenge says that the A is the “most feminine” butt style, and is the product of “fat distribution around lower portion of the butt and thighs.” When folks talk about “junk in the trunk,” this is what they mean. They’re called heart butts because they look like upside-down hearts, but also because we’re in love with them.”  – Memes


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