Your Eye Color Says About Your Personality

I stumble across this interesting personality test based on you own eye colors on! check out your eye color and find out your true personality below!

Dark Brown/Black Eyes:
“You are most likely a natural born leader. If that doesn’t quite accurately describe you, you might be surprised to learn that that’s how people see you!”[1]
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Blue Eyes:
“You possess great inner strength and physical strength, though many people may not see it. In fact, people often don’t see the real you and judge you negatively before they get the chance to know you. Perhaps people see you as weak, timid, or untrustworthy.”[1]

Gray Eyes:
“You are either an exceptionally well-balanced person or you there are “two sides” to your proverbial coin. Perhaps there’s a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde situation going on inside of you. You can be different things to different people depending on whose needs need to be met. This can be a pro or a con depending on how much control you have over your emotions.”

Hazel Eyes:
“This shade is uncommon, so people with hazel eyes are told from a young age that they are different and unique. Even the colors of hazel eyes and the specifics surrounding them are unique to each person who has hazel eyes.As such, those with hazel eyes tend to be independent, confident, and spontaneous. The amount of melanin in the eye varies from person to person, so you can never pin down their personality, though a common theme seems to be a balanced personality that can sometimes be mysterious to read.”[1]

Brown Eyes:
“brown eyes are the result of having more melanin in your system than those with lighter eyes. You tend to be agreeable, assertive, and people look to you with confidence.”[1]
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Green eye:
“If you have green eyes, I have to congratulate you. It seems that most people view you as alluring, sexy, and mysterious” [1]


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